Talent concept

Zhende adheres to the idea of talent only. In Zhende, the improvement of employees' ability is the focus of the company's development. As an important part of organizational ability, employees' ability plays an important role in Zhende's development. The continuous improvement of employees' ability and the advocacy of organizational learning are the basis for Zhende to maintain the leading position in the segment industry.

Dual channels of employee career development

Zhende Medical competency model

Sketch of qualified Zhende people

Customer first, due diligence and dedication

Excellent sketch of Zhende people

Professional focus, unity, striving for excellence


With the development of Zhende Medical, we hope you will become part of our team. Together, we should explore more unknowns, understand Zhende culture and find the ideal work in my mind. Whether you are an intern or an experienced professional, you can find the right position in Zhende. We provide vocational training at all stages to help you to promote.

Staff style

To provide an occupation development platform for each employee, and to display your talents in the great stage of Zhende, simultaneously interpreting its essence and connotation in a good corporate culture.